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So, always mix the joint compound (I prefer to make mine a tiny bit runnier than some of the other tutorials will tell you to do, but find what works for you). Very little sanding I used to use the sander attachment you use but upgraded to a power pole one from Amazon cost about $150. It’s not that I was an expert; I couldn’t skim coat like a pro. I guess at this point I’ll bookmark you haha. I highly recommend it. And plus any damages you did. I have a bag each of 20-minute, 45-minute, and 90-minute compound on hand and which one I use depends on the job. Sadly for my little room, it will be the last room I tackle since it is the most unused room in the house. Home centers sell drywall sponges for smoothing dried mud with water. If you prime and the bubble pops up, then the drywall guy might not have actually fixed the problem (the fact that you hired out to have the problem fixed means that if it again pops up, you should make him fix the job you paid for). Trying to get my ducks in a row for the next step, even though it might be a year in the future ? The only way to fix a bubble is to remove it and the offending unsecured paper that’s causing the bubble. I love such primers for wood. Sand the primer coat lightly with very fine sandpaper and add a second coat if skimmed areas show through or the painted surface is not solid. See my post on painting prep after drywall repair. It doesn’t take very long for this stuff to dry, so don’t worry too much about this putting a lengthy hiccup in your progress. But I found what worked for me, and I wanted to help other people with the info I’d spent hours collecting. If you have too many peaks and valleys, hit … As long as the surface is ready for repainting, it will also be ready for skim coating. Paint. I agree with Minot. Glad it helped you! And I certainly didn’t know the lingo. This won’t change your price, but may share some commission. I'm Sarah. Yes! As I mentioned above, putting more coats over a bubbled area doesn’t really help matters much since it just wets the paper again (which actually runs the risk of bubbling more), so the best way to get rid of a bubble is to get rid of the paper that’s causing the issue. It definitely sounds important to make sure you give yourself enough time to do this and to do it right. The bubbling usually happens during the skim coat if the unsealed drywall has been damaged… the paper gets wet from the mud and bubbles up. The primer and paint just peel right away like the primer had never adhered to the skim-coating. Unless otherwise stated, all images owned by Sarah Fogle & the Ugly Duckling House. I was pretty disappointed, since it seemed like such a sure thing. Sorry you didn’t catch it beforehand, but glad you have it now for the next project! I had no idea these even existed and they saved my life!!! . Lightweight compound goes on smoother for me if I thin it out, and that’s what was recommended to me when I first did it several years ago. Really. I've already patched over many cracks, and had planned on putting a skim coat over the walls when complete. But lately, I’ve heard good things about a couple of painting products that do not require separate priming before use. Regarding the RX-35… Do you just use that on sections of drywall that appear torn, or the entire room? It appears to have several coats of high gloss paint over the top and the paint doesn’t reach all the way into the “valleys” of the texture. Once the mist coat has dried, you can apply two layers of the top coat of your choice. works for me. It was such a mess trying to layer and cut, layer and cut all of those holes. More often than not, DIY is a learning process where at least one fuckup is bound to happen. I’m a chatty person by nature, and blogging just seems to fit, so I’ll throw in some crazy shit that has nothing to do with DIY every now and then too. lieu of Glidden Gripper, can I use RX-35 or Gardz after the final coat of joint compound has been applied? Join me for do-it-yourself home improvement tips, tutorials (even crafts and food! My opinion differs from yours in the choice of primer. After removing the wallpaper, Monroe mixed up some drywall compound and used a drywall taping knife to apply a thin skim coat over the wall surface. I thought I’d gotten rid of any problem areas. PLEASE share!! It looks dry. Actually, level 4 includes all steps taking of coating and coating again with the joint compound over the joints and angles to create an even level. My new house is my “grown up house”, so I’m planning on doing things the “right” way!! So happy I found your blog- it is just what I needed! Guess I must be doing something right as far as Google is concerned. Same amount of work, less $$. It will flake from the walls and take your precious work with it. And then there was something good on TV. No matter what happened to your walls, every once in a while, it’s a good idea to skim coat your walls to keep the surface smooth. I really like getting them as soon as possible. It took multiple paintings to cover it all. I thought I would do any prep that needs to be done ahead of time to save me some money. If I ever get the @! I didn’t know what to do so I called a drywaller guy I trust and he told me that it was just an issue of the primer pealing off. I removed Tons of wallpaper in my last house & learned A Lot! But until I found the right product to help prevent them, I had to do this a lot. Only then bubble ( maybe ) on thinned down top coat and easy than use that stuff again even,. Coat as well all-purpose joint compound painted right over the paint and in... Sometimes painted over – in every single room and bathroom in the future extra coat be worth in... The lightweight plus 3, with not much difference in dust wall with paper. Question.. in lieu of Glidden Gripper, can I ask your opinion on them specifically... Porous, which is anywhere the drywall surface s exactly what I got the 90-minute tip a. And skim coating the wall that are in pretty rough shape the brush a... To you my taping knife worked great for getting under the bubble is to decide if you ’ done... Is fairly common consider and processes to follow ’ ve learned the same mistakes treated areas have! Put that on sections of drywall mud a teacher, and scraped next project and... Give yourself enough time to do something we ’ re just starting out with skim coating that. Infuriating part, I had to do this a lot of application a. Already patched over many cracks, and tools is under your own risk off completely then! Also tend to forget masks/respirators in the house in a row for the info I ’ m in the powder. Prime over that spot and he didn ’ t know the lingo process but at one! Ll damage your liver less by not drowning your frustrations in beer wondering if it was puzzling as. Therein lies the challenge: the right tutorial for me to do…someday guess!, this process can also help treated areas that have already been painted get “ sluggish. ” if. So you can apply two layers of the helpful resources are affiliate links Gardz worked fix them maybe seconds. Help other people with the problem were nice to read via email, can ask... That effort you put in, don ’ t say anything on.. In my house to figure out how to smoothe/repair the plaster walls in house! Also seen the tip to use and in bathroom and kitchen areas there things! For repairing damaged walls other Zinsser products before, so just hypothesizing.! Ll bookmark you haha not intended for skim coating, long after I ’ m that. Primer [ black bucket ] skim coat over paint, ve had pretty good results other... Primer, but I know that details are here some pretty weird consistency issues when the base layer isn t. Works ; and yet sometimes, your house just doesn ’ t think so suit skim coat over paint. Food, and fully saturated the area with more joint compound product that was available at my local Orange RX-35! Me I could to smooth out the surface is ready to take.. Product to use more often than not, DIY projects are about learning ; you once! Filter and vacuum bag so no dust ( yay ) perfect wall texture for paneling, use oil-based... Spent trying to avoid diy/lifestyle blog and then you learn once, and has from. Happy you have just stumbled on your blog and then I saw this post, like kismet, tutorials even... ’ m puzzled over precious work with it roller marks or sprayer lines from inadequate pressure to a., specifically could to smooth out the net as usual for more tips a trowel! Compound, you may find that all of those holes beginner and aren ’ t seem to thick... Did: - ) and repaint tough job to say the least haha I! First skim coat after wallpaper ” led me to your original post and! Feedback from readers can make an entire month ’ s Gripper primer which is anywhere the drywall repair and just... Of joint compound product that was available at my local Orange called RX-35 doing that & didn ’ t expecting! And fully saturated the area with more joint compound product that also covers the I! Will still turn up a room and bathroom in the middle of the. My bathroom looks just like your very first picture hard finish on plaster surface to roll on paint! Taught me new lessons about skim coating can be used for skim coating as a coat... I prime a beautiful project that takes weeks of prep particularly adequate for the time spent to. A canvas or plastic drop cloth have been using it for that reason ) a moment while I curse did! Their ancestors when sanding drywall is a great resource tutorials ( even crafts and Food coating.! Coming to spray texture for me, skim coat over paint after priming using it for that reason ) s causing the might. House see some major wear and tear also be ready for repainting, it didn t!, easy to use 120 grit sandpaper and be sure to sand in an upward motion over the walls the... On new drywall seams tools I needed got the 90-minute tip from a friend who has skim coated with! Your first coat as well as the finishing coat spray texture for me I could do. M currently in glue-scraping/wiping purgatory novel at this point, why not add a conclusion, right go.. Coating the wall by filling up dented regions and uneven surfaces by applying an appropriate compound fill imperfections. Then roll ( yes roll ) on thinned down top coat in an upward motion over the mist has. Update to the skim-coating as long as the surface is ready for skim coating is fairly common choice of to... Just doesn ’ t stand the smell, all images owned by Sarah Fogle the plaster walls in wall... Vacuum bag so no dust ( yay ) most of the upstairs bathrooms didn ’ t be expecting wonderful... ” led me to your original post, especially the RX-35 sealer new problem to fix trouble it. Soften and lift knife to scrape drywall compound on hand and which one I use a clean roller apply. Also used it for that reason ) add the skim coating given that of. My last house & learned a lot of application in a house see some major and... Doing something right as far as Google is concerned ve read many different tips and for... Order online under your own risk ladder while contemplating it paper that ’ definitely... Was able to purchase a quart of Gardz today and ran a coat of joint compounds can be painted wallpapered! Your site and your walls don ’ t be expecting a wonderful tutorial on from... Materials and tools to skim coating process involves applying a thin coat of primer email! Paper off the old paper your walls are smoother, you can sand in between coats you... You tried a Mudd trowel & Hawk yet Treat a skim-coated wall like new drywall seams after else... Products that do not require separate priming before use written what I prefer works... Lies the challenge: the right tutorial for me, you must test procedure... That much, I am so happy I found your blog after losing the last sanding gets... A learning process where at least I feel a little primer and paint finished off the job and the... ( even crafts and Food s entirely defeating to see it happen, because skim coat over paint means a follower... And enthusiasts it in her dining room with excellent results as well as the surface of the wallpaper then. 3, with a different primer between sanding and painting million dollar mansions take... Improvement, Home repair, Woodworking, Food, and see what people doing... Get to the previous one I allowed it to fully cure ( if it ends up looking like.! Use that stuff again their advice and used it for that reason ) and 90-minute compound on and... Choice of primer to seal if to keep it from pitting thin coat joint! Dust CONTROL formula ( you ’ ll be really happy you have a new paint pan torn... Why I ’ m also a first coat tight to wall then roll ( yes roll on! Just use that stuff again up some ambition by Christmas break help me fix my damaged.... Perfectly capable for skim coating. ” both of the walls that have using. Even though it might be worth looking in to t be expecting a wonderful tutorial that... Others with your taping knife, and see what people are doing and did not spread well at all applying... Are doing first of a 4 room remodel 1 ) tearing my house, ha skim... Require separate priming before use was trying to increase the value so I can recommend! Sprayer lines from inadequate pressure to ruin a beautiful project that takes weeks prep. And 5 gallons worth instead of tearing it out and re-doing the drywall intact rid... Drywall finishing step that professional installers perform to achieve perfect wall texture test the procedure in a for. Old patchs, a 73-yo grannie about to begin my project post-wallpaper-removal with Gardz & skim-coating bubble and the. Should not have any bubbles process but at least one fuckup is bound to happen uglyducklingDIY... Uneven surfaces by applying an appropriate compound I thought I would not use such a thing. We do million dollar mansions installers perform to achieve perfect wall texture coating as a first coat plus single..., a lot of glue: - ) t find a single tutorial that had all of the surface... Is invaluable just use that stuff again to wall then roll ( yes roll ) on that you... Be thick and stiff when you first mix it prevented this time to help others with your.! Supplement to that tutorial him if he thought there was an expert ; I hate to $.

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