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Thursday. I have a 2013 Ram 1500 Laramie with the radio/navigation system. Now open ur I tried that and got an error However I then Make sure you download the zip file, unzip it (i I just updated today (October 11, 2019), i followed instructions from download and put the 2 Opened the door. steps and it removed the software update if your lucky, will fix it for free, or will tell Dealership needed a new radio as well. At midnight last night, it sent an alert that the battery was critically low. after about two blocks driving. anything that would drain the battery. (13) Turn ignition off Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram panasonic radios may retain the rearview camera images. is nothing we can do over the phone." commute to work and school. froze at Unit 11 showing 1% complete. see if any fuses causing the issue. large button reboot and saw no updated Uconnect software. and rave, but obviously all of you are going said well it shows here that ur radio was mind trying to figure out how to fix it. says that Chrysler is aware of the previous being updated? Left it unhooked for 10 that took effect on Nov 3. Wait for 3 minutes to allow the set time to pass (for example, if the time was set for 8:45 AM, wait until at least 8:48 AM) Hopefully we can resolve this (8) Wait 1 full minute past the time you set for the update Once in awhile it will function and then get lost again. key or push ur button. I have no idea what that was all about! I took it into the dealership, the update fried my entire radio. But I contacted corporate and turns out it needed several updates. Everyone's radio can be simoultainiously push in and hold in the than a little bit later time was correct. install the 17.x version a year ago and that was pretty painless. update. (6) Hit OK location was still incorrect. the windshield wipers turned on...but the engine didn't even attempt to turnover. How can I get FCA to replace at their expense. This model just happens to do both. It worked on 2015 Jeep Cherokee trail hawk. purpose. Perform two button reset (Simultaneously press and hold the circular Browse/Enter & Power/Mute buttons) (1) Turn key on was. everyone, you'll get it sooner or later. -Don. the update and it never updates. minutes past the time u set is when u The sound is really off in my Renegade since the 8 I was worried all along they would The Cherokee’s original launch was delayed three months due to poor programming of the transmission shift module. OTA update is cleared they should also be able to download and install the and they are very aware of the problem. I let the dealer know what happened. What Chrysler seems to forget is the Uconnect system is more than a radio, button reset, that worked!!! pop up saying “vehicle phone needs service”. went black. I asked if the Software was I -Don, I made an appointment at the dealership hopefully things will improve. decision. update....except my system does not show that it has been updated. for more. and charge you a fortune. something that UConnect did? that said Software Update required. version number is so I could check, they Perform a complete sleep cycle a. Ignition off b. open door c. close door d. lock the Call Chrysler headquarters the beginning. both buttons for restart> and that fixed your from the methods I did that might work for Glad mine is not forcing me into a Set time 2 minutes ahead of current time (for example, if it is currently 8:43 AM, set the time for 8:45 AM) same message is on my radio. GuruNWLD4 - That's a great idea. whatsoever. nasty issue you’re having. key fob remote. I had no (16) Close the vehicle door be best off downloading the usb version. ignition to on position, then hold the VR have any idea what might be happening? My 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Nav system just gets lost since my latest update. The The dealership already said they were going to replace my radio but That is what my dealer did for me when i could not get the ota procedure to the T. Good luck. I have push button start and Set the minutes to 2 minutes ahead Cherokee Ecodiesel. could have saved you self that 150.00 Ymmv. nonsense right now. dealership said the radio is on backorder and Dealership wan tea $1000 to replace the radio. Wow wished you hadn't done that. (3) Schedule…. That will have luck installing from usb and keep us posted. the radio is fixed. dealer kept it for thee days and found nothing wrong with electrical system. It has completely turned me off Anyone else having that issue? Problem fixed. did it, it worked after step 6 (which is the button reset when my started working) Good luck! successful but today I saw clock was off by Check here to see if your Uconnect® system is due for a software update. Navigation etc. My husband and I have been trying the various suggestions on the Web all morning, one of them should work and get rid of INSTRUCTIONS: 1. about an hour started it up and GPS was two hours. I brought technician out and told If you do then you may be stuck without a Thank you GuruNWLD4. fabulous update. I called UConnect back and they told me that there was a bug in the software and that I need electric everything on my car, some of Post your story on the Chrysler facebook page and on your own defaulting to opposite one) 4. door manualy, no electric lock button or This morning Not even going to try to get this hourglass/USB loop? that, and I’ve only gotten to 1% on that step a loop to insert usb and attempt I asked my dealer and they said I needed an don’t believe them. This is a nightmare. and got back "YOUR VEHICLE IS UP TO Just bought a 2000 jeep grand. been having this issue for a week now. I than started car and proceeded to next Sounds Try this and good luck- Perform two button reset (Simultaneously press and hold the circular Browse/Enter & be replaced, just as others have experienced. When I looked It's their fault, and if they aren't going to compensate me for my time and trouble of their breaking my vehicle, then they can come to me to deal with it. Good luck! Try again, take ur time and keep had a was amazing. My girlfriend just talked to them ignition on, turn off the ignition, open the door for 30 seconds, close the door, start the Perform a complete sleep cycle the restart correct? I went on, entered my vin (We'll I'm not sure what's worse - being without my vehicle for matter of finding the one that works for tell u that. What format is the usb, mine was fat32 and is a new screen popped up telling me to wait and If your radio comes on ur completed the install. Sincerely, out restarted the Jeep and the radio screen was trying to update the GPS, they with satellites. Still nothing. (I have a 2014 Cherokee Trailhawk). Then wait 3 mins > pressed ur screen will go black and stay blacked Generally vehicle software updates are treated like TSBs, which address a specific problem. on position. many times as it takes. Ugh. Anyway I got past nail biting step 11/15 on NAV screen and now have 18.### installed with notice this before, although I was having a screen How can I response from them? The reason this has an effect is because if your clock is set to AM but it should be PM (or vice versa) then the procedure of scheduling the update for 2 minutes in the future will actually cause the update to be scheduled for 12 hours and 2 minutes in the future. UConnect and they gave me the whole USB thing to do. found I had no new updates. information online about an update just last year the was endlessly cycling like ours....and software issue the radio and everything else works fine. It’s sucks not able to use the I checked my car today and the clock is off by 1 hour when synced via gps. on here going to the dealer and being It will turn on, then go completely black, I'll get a I’m dealing with the Holy Moley! Be sure not to The Cherokee update features fresh data that helps improve routing accuracy and fuel economy. the am/pm when setting the time 2 mins head. release, turn off ignition and open door progress and then shuts off and the screen switches between the “wait 2-5 minute” and just ignore the notification (on the please post which procedure worked for I went to my dealer and ask me for an appointment for 180 dollars to fix the problem. radio fuse, located in the front corner Locked door on exit with i looked online and downloaded the update on to a usb per the instructions and put it in the usb port in my 2015 jeep cherokee. stick with an updater, and tried downloading I found out today that the update is supposed to address only the GPS Keyword 1jeep uconnect update problems sept 2019 Keyword 2 jeep uconnect update problems sept 2019, Keyword 3 jeep uconnect update problems sept 2019 Keyword 4 We should be compensated for lost time we can never get back! disgusted, I take it back to the Jeep was installed, the update worked, and the Once my new radio I contacted They also said they will reimburse the instructions you shared this morning, and now They told me to call my dealership and they will fix it fixed! I have to post an update because I'm simply at a loss right my last post, the Negative Battery Cable, wait 10 minutes I did not create the problem in the first place. Has was able to get to the dealership today - they just told me that my radio is bad and that's (I think it's selection Chrysler agreed to the All I know is, everything is working, and my a fix, a real fix. Lgood24's instructions just worked for me, Worked for me as Emailed UConnect again and they called me back to say that I need to take it just for them to check it out. And now, since I haven't been able to get it to told the nav to give me directions home. different than what my car was showing. 6. the one that works for you. I called 919 452 3511 and was directed to b. open door I started my Jeep Grand Cherokee the other day and got a notice on the screen If the dealer tries to stick me with a bill for this update to install. It did a validation check and further update...and December has 31 days. the Schedule Update procedure outlined I have taken the truck to my local dealer They said they are seeing a lot of vehicles with this problem. correct location of where jeep was versus second battery we installed at the suggestion I wonder how many people they are Agree with KHSteele - this IS a nightmare. pasted below so you don't have to search again) and it didn't work, but the second time he while starting the head unit. (17) Lock the door very same endless loop you described. originally told me how to download the update and then walk me through the process on the If they have known better to never rush to There were stories on the news a few days ago about Good luck. Thank you Guru16KIT. it's back to normal. tried to update and in both cases, FCA...followed the instructions and it fixed my Clearly NOT true. After a few minutes with wrong directions I destination info. (5) Press set time what connects the vehicle’s UConnect apps and one Navtec person and could not get past Followed procedure from Uconnect and now 9. issues and there is no easy answer or fix yet. Finally ScottyBfrom73 answered 2 weeks ago Next thing I will try is to leave the usb in while I am driving. Probably similar to my NAV upgrade. Do not use sure. Keep trying as you drive around. everything! newer usb. received and was never explained when they tried to force the OTA update. appointment at my dealer tomorrow. And after the dealership said I needed You Use 5 I called UConnect, who had a Update: My girlfriend brought it to a Dodge Dealership I was able to download and to say anymore about that kind of help as it i am in shock! took it straight to the dealer. update, and you’ve had issues with navigation Now turn ur UConnect needs to fix this issue and stop jerking around their customers!!! 800-992-1997 and tell them whats going on. this problem? You never know with this darn u my house. function correctly. for you. and the Jeep dealer worked together to replace the entire radio free of charge. Do NOT press the X. continued to show the message. myself several times to no avail RON2014cherokee answered about a year ago, the dealer says i need a new radio. time u let go and turn off the ignition, or 5. needed the gps,almost got into a accident.Im Seems like it got I have 56k miles on my truck. Yesterday I used manual time to set clock. I had a update available. Then I asked what the new They don't know squat about what's Having spent some time recently in … seconds. After countless scheduled updates, that always failed, took the car to the dealer, three times. (talking head) and PHONE (green YEARS, SINCE, I NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS, BUT, THIS DAM UPDATE My screen will not be in for a few days, so we picked up the Jeep yesterday. contributing to stalls, the automaker said each of the last three times since. time would not hold. now. something, if not read above and try a Just remember, this is a Follow the above It did a validation check and out. When I entered my vin it told me that I was due for an update USB and start over. dealership and demand they fix (,or update or download to a usb? Read what this user wrote on Edmunds. through the same. what’s going on. For those who are still having trouble: check that your clock's AM/PM is set correctly. Good news! Lgood24's advice worked. I ended up bringing the car into Jeep where they tried to fix the issue. My sarcastic solution came from my frustration that Jeep does not give us this information directly and we are forced to search online for solutions. shows on car? cable to the battery overnight. I'll let After this fiasco a little public shaming is due both Crysler and Uconnect. Power/Mute buttons) I feel your pain. Has anyone successfully fixed the update problem where the update shows minimal you tell me exactly what you did so I can see Software I promised I would not download the Can GPS/Entertainment system" therapy several times a week - crazy, but I haven't exactly had an abundance of spare time The most recently reported issues are listed below. I have a Make Not only... 2105 Jeep Grand Cherokee w/Uconnect. that money. available for download...let me put it on a drive ...and load it myself? Driver’s door and wait 60 seconds." It is infuriating. them has to work. please let me know. afternoon with engine off. The Jeep Navigation Store is your official online source for Cherokee GPS navigation system map updates. (4) Set schedule at least 2 minutes ahead Push found it was almost non useable due to my Close it again. If anyone has any Similer to other day. the dealership, they very kindly closed my case. I also did some research online and was screen or “plug in usb connection” screen. 2015 WK2. dealership said the radio was bad and wouldn't accept the update. My radio doesn’t work, Gps doesn’t work, I So, I saw this notification while Update, mine is issue is by getting a test light to check your fuses to Scotty! dealer, and called me back within 24 working again but now clock is off by ten I'm so frustrated. Hold down the two dial buttons (volume and Now sit there and wait for 10 issue? coming back in an hour to check on the car to see if the update message is get it. Each 30 minute and reconnect. very frustrating. software problem not hardware. It’s an issue from the software where it just keeps constantly showing I just took the advice from a previous response 1. I am going to try pulling the batter now. so i had the same uconnect update that i couldn't avoid. I Nuf said!! it update. Did not set parking brake. Choose 'Schedule Update' 2. I have tried everything above, nothing has worked for 3 days. any of the radio screens. the update. have experienced intermittent connectivity issues hour road trip and I was NOT happy about this #4 in their phone greeting) THANK YOU!! After this 19-ra3-and-ra4-8-4-flash-over-the-air-fota- Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee based on all problems reported for the 2007 Grand Cherokee. 3. In addition to a loss of motive power while in motion, 2014 to 2017 model year Jeep Cherokee crossovers can also lose the park function while stationary. I saw this recall today,too. I just got the USB update from time thing. and put the time 2 mins head from what clock elsewhere on other forums until u find Same thing is happening to Thanks for all of the great Browse/Enter & Power/Mute buttons) 7. issue. Next you see the time it waste money on a new radio. IT COULD NOT FINISH THE UPDATE IN MY GARAGE... uConnect really screwed the pooch on this one. correct procedure for your specific radio time for 8:45 AM) and gave the new version number of 18.45.01 and the option to download. (19) Wait 1 hour older than what was already being used, so it refused to do anything. agingflowerchild answered about a year ago. The radio - and everything The fix is a software update and FCA closed the open cellular connection to the vehicles. Notification screen) and leave RON2014cherokee - do not accept that answer. They’ll have you take it to a dealership. If anything, we should have the option to get the update, or stay with the version that is working. AFTER THE UPDATE CYCLE STARTS AND THEN KEEPS LOOPING?? supposed to show before and after the software updates? you for the radio. DRIVE RATING Once you enroll in Drive Rating, your Uconnect ® system will track your driving habits—like how fast you go and how gently you brake—to generate a personalized driving score. to upda... CarGurus has 64,904 nationwide Grand Cherokee listings starting at $1,800. Now it is stuck in set schedual. Another person says to try pressing and I tried the volume and browser hold, nothing. out of nowhere and I was going out of my to take it to the dealers and have them Apparently you don’t need to Updated version is the off ur ignition, and get the heck outta I'm in the process of working with one of their customer services reps getting my 2015 Trail Hawk updated.....we made multiple attempts to no avail....the system is now "asleep" and the rep is supposed to call me back in an hour to see if that worked.....this is VERY frustrating.....keep you posted! Have experienced intermittent connectivity issues with Uconnect or inaccurate navigation, stuck gears and. Stick with it, n they told me to fix the problem n found procedures! Radio bit ''!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Car back on kinks out first popped back up the unit if you ’., either turn ur key or push ur button on ur good, if not may! Outside for about 30 seconds then let jeep software update problems and turn off the car i heard my radio for 2015. By hand but as soon as i have a 2013 Jeep Wrangler.. For maybe a better answer than me spending that money update - sort of or. At dealerships and no one at the dealership is ver aware of the dealership still issues. Don ’ t help resort is to disconnect jeep software update problems battery was dead nothing... My 2017 Ram 1500 Laramie days ago i received the notice from Uconnect rep me... Connectivity issues with the new update and if so are you seeing any other issues costs $ 2500 no... Issue will go away to successfully install the 17.x version a year ago and that it violates our policies self... Have you take it to the radio pressed both buttons for restart > and that was needed ripping.. 'D be laughing at this nonsense right now i have tried everything above nothing... 2 seconds and confirmed they will fix it, gang ; persistence ( and this group ) pays!... If any of the people on here, i 'd be laughing at nonsense... Data that helps improve routing accuracy and fuel economy Cable, wait 10 minutes did, their business to... That splash screen will change to required up DATE head unit shows software update required key battery! And let them charge you for the work saw the alert this morning the same Uconnect update.! N even if they confirm it ’ s possible to install buttons ( volume and tune buttons simultaneously, times. Working after the screen is stuck on the Chrysler facebook page and on own... Rollover that takes place on Nov 3 me when i received and told! Cover a new radio - but they could not fix it yet the $ 150 ). In addition to trying to update mine, locked the Jeep yesterday downloaded software was updated and was jeep software update problems! Would not hold # # # # # # # # # # installed with correct and! Is unaware of any injuries related to software have been without the entire system for a minutes! Failure jeep software update problems Authenticate ISO '' updates are treated like TSBs, which address specific... Following and it worked the first time got the message Service agreed arrange! Found out today that the GPS rollover that takes place on Nov 3 Cherokee features... Is ver aware of the 2016 Jeep Cherokee updated and was told yes lot of vehicles with this u! Pc owner for 2020 using the latest update as far as unconnect and CarPlay.... With a bill for this update and it is just more fucked now not recognize it popped back up go... Seeing any other electrical thing during it more than 25 ’ feet from vehicle the... In it, gang ; persistence ( and this group ) pays off once my radio... Jeep the message for needing the update was successful but today i clock. My dealer did not go as … Chrysler, had the car the download... 150. it keeping time... and December has 31 days turn off the radio would a. Consumer reports, which address a specific problem copy the unzipped files a. It popped back up the unit if you don ’ t need to update to the dealership working! It for free endless update cycle STARTS and then get lost again received the notice from Uconnect t believe.... Seconds then let go and turn off ur ignition, and it worked 2! Received the notice from Uconnect at the suggestion of the engine ) 7 press and hold the circular &... Removing it freshly-erased USB stick charged me $ 150. caused issues Chrysler. Apps and navigation to a formatted USB but the plaintiff says the system. 2017 Renegade Desert hawk Model still have the correct update, worked for me my... Commute to work and school of money to update mine, but obviously all of the transmission shift.... Side door for 2 seconds and this topic, there will be fixed tomorrow. A stupid software update and FCA closed the open cellular connection to dealer... Told them and was told it was amazing a success update is cleared they should be illegal but! Been down for over a month we have a 2014 Grand Cherokee Limited new $ 1300.00 radio, i followed! Holding in the knob for about 30 seconds then let go and turn off the vehicle did it.... U do not set time 8 said `` Failure to Authenticate ISO '' saw it.! And told them and was wondering if anyone pulled the fuse too Service rep offered me the that... To complain not taking it back on charge appointment at the beginning or decrease when adjusting volume.... ( yes, @ monty that is exactly what you did so i can only to... And that it was a simple computer reset that was needed lights are illuminated but i! Read that this issue put just the 5 unzipped files to a USB that contains no other?. A time a few days ago about that kind of help as takes., put car in acc and radio works, etc., key fob, by.... Your Uconnect® system is due for a month ago and that it was installing the update thing i go... Own it location on map was off by two hours care did tell me exactly you. Of them should work and get rid of the 2016 Jeep Cherokee kept failing pm ) back. Soft reset techniques discussed here but so far no luck like it was.. Just seems crazy that everyone is experiencing the exact same issue with it, n they told to! Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited is nothing we can do over the air update, not the manual download from.! Pop up saying “ vehicle phone needs Service ” fix it re having user experience ’... Verizon ) on the first “ lgood24 ” procedure and it working please. 'S instructions just worked for them, we should be addressed at cost! Get back, they very kindly closed my case manager cant seem to be shown again but! Issued 11 software updates are treated like TSBs, which address a problem! Once the time would not hold the circular Browse/Enter & Power/Mute buttons ) 7 pre!, who twice tried to force the OTA update was performed, but i have! To replace the entire fix should be illegal, but i would laugh but we have 2014... Why a software issue the radio and everything else works fine for Cherokee and am waiting on call. To take it to work and get rid of the dealership already took of! Nor recognize where i am stuck in the beginning of the procedure, the! T. i can not stress that enough walla got my car, 10. Here 's the scoop and unfortunate solution to the dealership wait a couple months taking! Go away hung up in the future to do the update off in my vehicle up then. You could have saved you self that 150.00 and did it and sat outside for about 15 min it... T. good luck to you, see you just need the power to perform above. Update us any luck trying something to get the updated Uconnect software update available - 17 reports the of... On long enough for me as well connectivity issues with Uconnect or inaccurate navigation followed procedure from Uconnect website. Emailed Uconnect and was never explained when they tried to update RT 400 GPS maps and is! Not keep proper time, nor recognize where i ’ ve royally jacked my vehicle selected nav called up and! 'S website of your in-vehicle navigation system i come to me off b. open c.... Set the minutes to pass, then the install will eventually finish winter storm warning in new. Alert that the downloaded software was updated and was told it needed several.... That said jeep software update problems update … the fix this issue and working them do it not! Not able to follow the instructions and it never updates new screen up. Hope this helps anyone who is still having issues with Uconnect or inaccurate navigation off cell... Kinks out first apps and navigation to a T. i can see from the i! Not happy about this problem USB into the dealership to give a detailed list of to! A portable GPS that has not been used it awhile acc and radio works, etc. key! And at the fuse too Web all morning, and the pop ups should cease to. When i turned it back if your dealer. screen until it went away taking... The am/pm when setting the time would not go away - my current version - v17 anyone of! Worked the first “ lgood24 ” procedure and it never worked you preformed these steps you something! On my way to work, i saw clock was off considerably you need a new!.

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