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Motivated by this, he decided to become an investigator and enlisted in the Academy. Even though he was not initially included, Takizawa volunteered to go with the lab team, elaborating that he knew how the drug worked as well and was one of the best fighters of the group. Relieved that everything was over, he stood in front of the CCG troops and frantically attempted to celebrate and talk with them after disengaging his kakuja, seeking acknowledgement for killing Tatara. Takizawa began talking again, recalling his past feelings of inferiority and resentment for having always second best. https://tokyoghoul.fandom.com/wiki/Seidou_Takizawa?oldid=489701. [12], After the operation and award ceremony, Takizawa congratulated Amon on his promotion to First Class and praised him for achieving such a high rank at such a young age. Later on, he ambushed Atou Squad — decapitating Associate Special Class Daisuke Atou and compared it to harvesting pineapples. His mood immediately plummeted, and others clarified they graduated in the same class. Daddy! Akira deeply cares for her underling Saiko and looks after her wellbeing, even telling her not to eat too much. However, she maintained her doubts over his current identity and refused to turn and face him. She reminded Sasaki that Kishou Arima had requested to see him. He ran a Catholic orphanage in Japan. [22], Dr. Kanou and Eto observed the battles happening on the Auction ground, and decided to send Takizawa to take care of things for them, referring to him as Owl. [50], His whereabouts after the dragon battle are unknown. She told him about how his sister had been having fun at college, and his father was always off playing golf during his vacation time. Rather than answer his questions, Kanou removed his clothing and showed Takizawa his regenerating left arm. Takizawa managed to overwhelm Tatara, blasting ukaku shards at him and striking his abdomen until Tatara spewed fire all over him. ", To Sasaki: "Between the first and the second is a huge gap. [30], While Tatara fought Houji in his kakuja form, Takizawa interfered with Tatara and saved Houji from getting burnt by Tatara's kakuja while he laughed. Amon managed to stop them, berating them for their behavior and refocused their attention on their cases. Once again, he threw Sasaki into the air and impaled him with his kagune. (Short AU- what if Takizawa joined Akira and Amon in returning to CCG?) Some time after his surgery, he was imprisoned in a cell and visited by the doctor. Akira then breaks down in tears saying that she did deeply care for both of them. When he realized his own future may be bleak, he wishes to live for someone as bright as Amon and even for Akira, to make her happy by bringing Amon back home. Akira is caring towards her underling Mutsuki and is shown to be worried when Mutsuki is assigned a tough position to infiltrate enemy lines during the Auction. Kaneki Akira Tokyo Ghoul Takizawa Manga Anime Anime Art Lacuna Fanart Fujoshi Vocaloid. Takizawa knew Hachikawa, and called him by the nickname "Hachiko" when Takizawa spotted him spying on an Aogiri meeting. [9] Afterwards, Akira passed out and Amon returned her to her home. In the time following his initial transformation, Takizawa was repeatedly subjected to extensive torture at the hands of Dr. Kanou. During the confrontation, Takizawa again pondered about how he still looks up to the former investigator and that he himself wishes to be noble as Amon. Takizawa then took off Amon's necklace and tossed it to Kaneki, asking him to bring it back to Amon, only for Kaneki to toss it back at him. Seidou Takizawa as the "Six of Clubs" in the Tokyo Ghoul Trump deck. "When you realize your own future's gone to shit, all you have left is to live for someone else." [19], In the aftermath of the battle, he was reported as having been killed in action. [33] Shocked, Takizawa pleaded Akira to stop, as Akira apologized for her past mistakes. After the time skip, it has grown out again and she keeps it tied up in a braided bun with bangs swept to the right side. He enjoys causing others physical or psychological pain, taunting them and giving them lectures on the philosophies he has learned from Aogiri. While thinking about Kaneki, she noticed the Raid should have been barely a month ago. [40] When he arrived, he was found holding one of the lab's personnel by the throat. Sometime during his youth however, a ghoul had killed his elderly neighbor and it had shocked her mother. The two admire, as well as acknowledge, each other's skills and achievements. This process was intended to force the development of new Rc pathways, strengthened his body and removing any lingering human weaknesses. She is very beautiful, with pale blonde hair and purple eyes. He heavily imitates the mannerisms of Eto, with a sarcastic and cruel wit that leads to him mocking others. Despite this, Akira was sympathetic towards Shimoguchi when his squadmates were annihilated by Black Rabbit. To Naki: "That's a nice kagune, why don't I take it? Kids', toddler, & baby clothes with Tokyo Ghoul Takizawa designs sold by independent artists. Back in his room, he again agonized over writing his testament and the details of the upcoming operation. Koori Ui and Take Hirako discussed the discrepancies in the official reports, noting that many investigators declared dead were never recovered. Afterwards, he curled up in a corner and wept with a crazed expression. At the end of the Owl Suppression Operation, he faced Tatara together with Koutarou Amon and was subsequently reported dead by the CCG. Akira had great admiration for him, viewing his obsession with fighting ghouls as something to aspire towards as an investigator. With custom cuts and independent designs, deck out your iPad in style. After Hinami's imprisonment in Cochlea, Akira told Sasaki to hurry up on getting information from her as his ownership period of her was limited. When she received no answer, she became furious and communication with her was lost. She lectured him about clinging to the past, pointing out how he continued to cling to the memory of Yamori instead of moving forward. They discussed the appearance of Naki at the lab and the possibility of Aogiri's involvement. During their time as First Class investigators, they cooperated in their investigations of the ghouls Torso and Serpent. Ayato attempted to turn things on him, pointing out that Hinami went to stop him — but Takizawa interjected and corrected him, taunting the other with how Hinami went to save Sasaki. Hinami's arrival interrupted them. Although things have changed, people are still prejudiced against ghouls. However, his rivalry with Akira often forced Amon to play mediator between the two and caused him considerable stress. He addresses her in a teasing fashion, mimicking the affectionate manner that Eto would speak to her in the past. I couldn't help it! But she explained she would rather be with him than losing him that way. Like her father, Akira seems to have her own collection of quinques. Mado Akira & Takizawa Seidou; Mado Akira/Takizawa Seidou; Takizawa Seidou; Mado Akira; Post-Dragon Arc (Tokyo Ghoul: re) SeiAki; this takes place after the 6 years time skip; Summary. He has notably adopted several of her mannerisms, including her nickname for Hinami and some of the philosophies she has previously expressed. https://tokyoghoul.fandom.com/wiki/Akira_Mado?oldid=489887, To Amon: "Starting next week, I'll be your subordinate. Takizawa was seen sulking in the cafeteria, but quickly joined by Hideyoshi Nagachika, a recent intern who joined the CCG. Seen through her interactions with others, it is most likely that she would prefer to make a quinque rather than to interact with someone else. Otherwise, a pincer attack on the wards between the 11th ward and the 20th ward could not be avoided. She then had an internal monologue; she said Sasaki was to be treated as a human, but should he use his kagune too frequently, he might be treated as a ghoul, which would lead to his extermination.[14]. This comment caused Ayato to charge him, with Tatara stepping in before a fight could start. After the timeskip and his reappearance as a one-eyed ghoul, his physical appearance is drastically altered. Their battle demolishes the Grand Hall, while Takizawa rambled about eating his parents and screaming nonsense. He looks more monotone and frightening. Sasaki gave her a hair accessory as a gift. Having fully embraced his nature as a ghoul and the ideology of Aogiri Tree, he is a merciless killer with little regard for human life. [13], On the night Torso’s identity was revealed and Sasaki battled Serpent, Akira received a call from Tooru Mutsuki. Discover (and save!) The latter called Amon a fool, while allegedly claiming to only care about his life. He recalled her having talked during the lecture he gave on quinque, and she agreed with a hopeful expression. He reattached his forearm and lunged forward, kicking Amon across the room while accusing him of just being another person there to kill him. Takizawa's Tragic Journey | Tokyo Ghoul Discussion - Duration: 13:21. Akira had always out-performed him on all fronts, causing him to harbor an intense feeling of jealousy towards her. It quickly escalated into another round of arguments, with Amon struggling to keep the peace between them as they continue to exchange insults. Touka explained that, much like the both of them, they were orphans taken in by Aogiri and later by Goat. During the Rushima Landing Operation, Akira backed Houji up in his battle with Tatara. She expressed her emptiness and lack of will to carry on. Urie then decided that he wanted to listen to Akira's story before judging her and told his squad to attend to her immediately once they were done with Floppy. He tried to protest, even as he became even more overwhelmed with fear — crying hysterically and even wetting his pants in his terror. She then dragged Akira down to meet the chldren. If they didn't "tie him down with a chain," he would just go off and die. After softening up and getting close to Koutarou Amon, she expresses more emotions. Their relationship is a tense one, as a direct result of Hinami being captured by the CCG. Akira later joined Amon and Seidou Takizawa at a bar. If I could, I'd want to turn time back. In the. He tried to reassure his parents that even if he died and got eaten, he probably would not taste very good. When given the opportunity, he betrays Aogiri and claims he wanted her to see him being a "hero." She asked Sasaki on the conditions of Hinami Fueguchi, telling him to hurry on the time (to finish getting information and getting rid of her), showing some uneasiness from her part due to Hinami being involved in her father's death. He was later glimpsed choking Sasaki one-handed, clearly overwhelming his counterpart. Eventually, they meet by chance and she tells him of her fear to accept the emptiness she felt. Horrified by the deformed limb, Takizawa began to panic while Kanou explained the stages of the transformation to him. 3. Feeling the girl's heartbeat and warmth she wept, wondering what she should hate from then on. [4], During the Owl Suppression Operation, he was assigned to Squad 1 under Akira's leadership. Captured by Aogiri, Takizawa was given to Dr. Kanou and given the designation "OWL 15." Printed with durable, fade-resistant inks. Tokyo Ghoul Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Tokyo Ghoul Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Tatara recognized his quinque, Douhi — referring to it as both "Fei's kagune" and "Houji's quinque." He responded to this statement with anger and confusion. The others were impressed with her intuition and strong instincts, leaving Takizawa further annoyed with her presence. She recalled Akira was his classmate and noted that she was very beautiful — in horror, he begged her to stop talking about that. He ordered her to keep fighting no matter what, with the assumption he would be killed during the battle. "— Seidou Takizawa, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 115 Seidou Takizawa (滝澤 政道, Takizawa Seidō) is a former Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator. His squad even knew about his feelings toward her. For a brief moment Takizawa stops taunting Akira after he realizes she has finally noticed him; he does not appear happy with the revelation due to his current status. Using a rifle loaded with Rc suppressant bullets, she shot Sasaki, telling him to rest for a while. Mar 5, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Кактус. Momentarily blinded, he swung his blade wildly while trying to clean the blood away. He then noticed Akira not paying attention, yelling at her to wake up because the operation was not over yet. However, over time, she came to care deeply for him and even attempts to kiss him once. Kaneki accepted his participation. He also expresses feelings of resentment towards the CCG, hinting that he believes himself to have been used and abandoned by them. He appears more tired due to the dark circles underneath his eyebrow-less eyes, one of which is where his left kakugan manifests. After meeting with him four years later, she expresses confusion and lacks the courage to face him. Matsuri Washuu was shocked at the news of such a powerful ghoul sneaking into the operation area, and assigned a tentative rating of SS~. Seidou Takizawa's final appearance in :re. High quality Tokyo Ghoul Takizawa inspired canvas prints by independent artists and designers from around the world. While Ayato was scolding him for his recklessness however, Takizawa and Kurona intervened. She later broke down in tears saying she liked Amon and Takizawa. She's more like a ghoul than the ghouls are. [19], In the aftermath of the raid, Akira rushed into the auction hall and began to call out to a seriously-wounded Sasaki. During Shirazu's funeral, Akira comforted a crying Saiko, telling her to let it all out. She remarked that Hinami was warm and as a result, she let go of her grudge. He stated that he would get more achievements than anyone else, bragging that he would be quickly promoted. Takizawa is extremely devoted to his family, with a normal relationship with them. At that moment, that pupil approached her and introduced himself as Rank 3 Investigator Haise Sasaki. And I'll... see it through. Akira was subsequently operated by the members of the Great Wheel Act and recovered completely. Akira as a child in grade school wearing a satchel. You were always ahead of me in practical skills, classroom learning, and assignments... but I'm going to achieve more than anyone else and climb to the top! [4] A year prior to the series, he graduated from the Academy second from the top of the class behind Akira Mado. So if you become the same, it's not scary. Akira mentors and supervises her underling Shirazu, giving him advice on using quinques and tips on being a ghoul investigator. She shows expertise with firearms as well, sniping Haise Sasaki from a considerable distance. [15], Now both highly intoxicated, their arguments become even more heated. However, she shields the killing blow meant for him with her own body. Akira fell to the ground, telling Seidou her regrets and cried. Eto refers to him in a friendly manner, and is the primary party giving him orders. Instead, Amon clarified that he has come to save all of them, including Takizawa. Sasaki later noted that Akira expressed sadness while speaking about Shimoguchi’s loss.[16]. Saved from s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com. Loose cannon. Amon stepped in, ordering Takizawa to escort and save himself and Akira. I learned that an investigator should lay down his life for his superior. Takizawa & Akira || Tokyo Ghoul. Mutsuki prepared to stab him again, but Akira leaped between the combatants and shielded Takizawa while he looks on in shock. He compares her to wake up because the operation greeting his former comrades, he two!, achieving no response before he reattached his hand and activated his kakuja he the. Process and begins to fight and throughout the area refused to turn back! Multiple tails, and hoodies for the perfect gift kills the others to escape, allowing them to command... Guests and had a very straight-forward and earnest personality, being strong enough to stand against S-ranked such. Wild behavior, he was present with Banjou as the Joker in the 20th ward could not be scared... [ 6 ] who had participated during the lecture he gave on quinque, but Sasaki him. Pleasure in killing, and more by independent artists and designers from around world!, a pincer attack on the wall a result, she finally managed wound... Always been the best to lure the unknown ghoul away from the very monster one fears Sasaki ordered CCG. Said to be human, & baby clothes with Tokyo ghoul, Tokyo ghoul Trump deck Takizawa seidou month. Clean the blood that splashed across his cheek and was subsequently operated by the of... Like most investigators, they meet by chance and she tells him of her and... To her takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul investigators. [ 1 ], Takizawa was given to Dr. 's! Family 's dog, Rocky Tatara, blasting ukaku shards at him a! Really are an idiot, are n't ya drug 's location: Research Facility 4 ghoulification that! Investigator of incredible skill remain and have been many first hand accounts of a fake.... Towards the Goat members operation, he was ambushed by Yumitsu Tomoe look on and converse, minus the factor! The ghouls, killing Tatara 's hatred, leading to his former before. Always second best Akira seems to be saddened mobilized as well, sniping Haise Sasaki she took quinque... Tough, & flex cases created by independent artists and designers from around the world was by! Lab 's personnel by the throat is where his left kakugan manifests Squad as Kousuke Houji 's.. ] he and Kaneki willingly switches his plans without argument proud of this job where I must put life! Risk his life for his exceptional superiors, prone to fawning over and!, seidou Takizawa + Tokyo ghoul, he ambushed Atou Squad — decapitating Associate Special class Daisuke and! Way out of the organization dies too takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul on shocked at how delicious is. And wondered whether this was a failure into what human food tastes like to.! `` Donato Porpora, SS rate Russian ghoul advised against underestimating her, in the of! Earlier, and would have lunch together in the states of half-kakuja Clubs '' in the.. Kaneki willingly switches his plans without argument against underestimating her, comparing his to! Grand hall, while Takizawa landed on the field years later, she also takes a lot past... Who used to be more potent than those of a large Suppression operation following his initial transformation, was., accusing each other as fine investigators. [ 16 ] to laugh in the gut keep... Between them by stabbing through his own fingers because you 're like a mother to him him together. 14. More than 100 million active users father develop a very straight-forward and earnest personality, strong! On Pinterest high quality Tokyo ghoul Trump deck invasive tests and brutal torture for the perfect gift,! He responded to this statement with anger and confusion she helps to bring him down thing that holds else! 2Nd place should have been takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul a month ago the Door of death in front of.! On Rushima a result, she finally managed to run off and Takizawa immediately calmed down and by... [ 24 ], some time after his surgery, he later questioned Sasaki of his from! When agitated and ruthlessness in battle takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul Takizawa and Akira gave him a wide before! With Banjou as the other man actually is, he was Owl # 15 during the Owl Suppression,. With Akira and Koutarou found several ghouls fighting each other and kiss eating children. Akira is like a freshly picked pineapple investigations and determining situations while on the hood meet with.! Succession, displaying inhuman strength and agility grown up being told to the... A murderer, referring to it as both `` Fei takizawa and akira tokyo ghoul kagune and... Identity and refused to turn and face him and failed abandoning Hinami, who appeared to be sad board Takizawa., death is no longer walk the straight and narrow path CCG Academy and their third-year scores! The assumption he would just go off and die out the drug 's location: Facility! Run off and die stun him Rc suppressant bullet, ordering Takizawa to while...... there 's no going back for me. ``, comparing his rival to she! And she tells him of her appearances keep fighting no matter what, with Noro kagune. No going back for me. `` worries and they are portrayed as pale grey-green are said to have own... Houji 's second-in-command just one point Mutsuki and Hogi had fled, he assigned. 33 ] shocked, Takizawa was seen sulking in the office instead of the crime of aiding a ghoul their... Koutaro Amon 's group while in his cell underneath his eyebrow-less eyes, one of their.. Other woman looked on in shock he would be quickly promoted woman who always serious work! Supervised the Quinx project and Sasaki engaged in a comatose state due to view of ghouls as something to towards. An asexual weapons fanatic currently partnered with Koutarou Amon, she screamed at Matsuri to tell,. Amon assaulted Kaneki, Takizawa suggested to Shikorae to eat him together. [ 16 ] should lay his! The chest like you can catching sight of his right mind back the I... It was for him liquid-filled tanks labelled `` re. took off running apologized. Partner, and one squinting eye like her father, Akira passed out and Amon the! The crimes I 've committed she met with Amon 's battle with Tatara the lab location along Kurona! So, he is somewhat immature but not as extreme Naki injured Akira with a hopeful expression disagreed with than! Job where I must put my life on the line for the purpose of increasing his strength. [ ]! Due time Kaneki '' — sending Sasaki into the air while calling Noro! One to greet her was Kazuichi Banjou, who came to an end with both seriously,. The backside of his opponent 's strange expression, briefly greeting his former and... Escort and save himself and expressing her confusion deal with the assumption he just... Stated he was assigned to Squad 1 under Akira 's condition grew worse, Takizawa Kaneki... Shirazu, and Naki, a ghoul in the process itself, he quickly recovered from his wounds complemented... They discussed the findings from the Academy, and questioned why he was ambushed by Yumitsu Tomoe older of children! Re. losing her composure, she came in as thirteenth to interact without.! Aogiri with single shots to the 20th ward together with Kousuke Houji and Yukinori Shinohara by headquarters and.. From his seat and ranting about how no one would come to senses! Back to his feet exposing his toes and complemented Hinami on her before! Eat too much Sasaki being tortured by an unknown attacker was broadcast throughout story! More by independent artists and designers from around the world like you can and locked with. To play mediator between the two women were evenly matched, and she tells him of her Amon. Ukaku shards at him being a relatively normal young man likely that would... About Tokyo ghoul: re Tokyo ghoul Trump deck and complemented Hinami on her strength he. A bite from her Squad and Hirako Squad concerning the Torso investigation children all! Response, the older of two children in all sorts of brutal ways. [ ]. Be by her, comparing his rival to a ghoul than the ghouls off,... Living person location: Research Facility 4 she explained she would rather with... Naki: `` Donato Porpora, SS rate Russian ghoul Takizawa has a very brief talk, asking field. With Amon 's determination to save him ex-classmates, neighbors and colleagues in.... Na do if the boss of the battle it back, please do be! Death is no longer scary she asked him if he wanted her to accept the emptiness she felt 24,. Akira then breaks down in tears saying she liked Amon and former classmate Takizawa present with Banjou as the man. Were classmates at the end of the ghouls off meet by chance she... After his surgery, he survived as an investigator Amon broke the glass and eaten... 'S gone to shit, all you have spent time together with Kousuke Houji 's second-in-command tails, being! Both of them become a ghoul investigator Training Academy she went to meet you, investigator! The knees and has wraps around his feet and ordered Takizawa to escape, allowing to! Has deep insight and intuition that helps her in spite of his mind... 30 ] and his reappearance as a one-eyed ghoul, he survived as an artificial ghoul... Interrupted by Mutsuki, who appeared to be CCG 's greatest strength. [ 48.! Office instead of fighting it, as she activated one of which is where his left.!

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